Westfield Horticultural Society 

WHS holds Spring and Autumn shows every year in the Community Hall.

The 2019 officers are as follows:

President:  Mr John Paige

Chairman:   Catherine Collingwood,  Meadlands, Cottage Lane, Westfield, TN35 4RU

Tel. 01424 552485

Facebook page www.facebook.com/Westfieldhorticulturalsociety    

Treasurer: Melanye Richmond

Secretary:  Linda Baker

Committee members:  Nicky Briscall, Jackie Fellows, Tricia Oakland, Claudia Bludell, Lindsay Hunt, Amanda Brown.

Correspondence can be sent to any committee member. Show schedules are available from The New Inn, Archers and committee members.

Membership fees for 2019 have increased to £5 for an individual membership and £7 per couple/family. This still represents great value for money and we look forward to you joining or re-joining. Tell your friends too!

Current members will be reminded about their subscription renewals. However if you are interested in joining and having some fun then please contact the WHS. If you have any queries at any time please contact me on: 552485

A copy of our 2019 Show Schedule is available to view or download here:

WHS Show Schedule 2019 

Thank you for your support.

Catherine Collingwood

Updated 10/1/19