The agendas for each monthly Council meeting and each monthly Planning meeting are posted on the parish notice boards in advance of the meetings. The latest agendas are also available below. Once the meetings have taken place minutes are drawn up. These minutes are ratified at the next full Council meeting and the approved minutes are then made available on this website.

Council May 2017

Planning May 2017

Council June 2017

Planning June 2017

Council July 2017

Planning July 2017

Council August 2017

Planning August 2017

Planning September 2017 (4th Sep)

Council September 2017

Planning September 2017 (13th)

Council October 2017

Planning October 2017

Council November 2017

Planning November 2017

Council December 2017

Planning December 2017

Council January 2018

Planning January 2018

Council February 2018

Planning February 2018

Council March 2018

Planning March 2018

Council March 2018 (Extroadinary meeting 27th March)

Council April 2018

Planning April 2018

Parish Assembly April 2018