Are you interested in becoming a councillor?

  • Are you interested in local current affairs?
  • Do you wish to serve your Community?
  • Could you provide a voice for residents?

Based on the population of Westfield which is around 2,700 we have 11 councillors who are elected every 4 years. Councillors are unpaid but have the services of a part-time (18 hours per week) paid Clerk to the Council. The Council meets in public at 7pm usually on the 1st Wednesday of every month. A period for public questions or comments is allowed at the start of each meeting. Additionally, planning meetings are held on the same evening at 6:30pm.


All Parish Councillors attend the main council meetings (12 each year).

Councillors are allocated to represent the Council on other bodies too, such as the WCA, Hall Management committee, PCC, Police consultative committee and one or two others.

Councillors normally serve for a four year period following a May election.  

The next scheduled election is 2nd May 2019

The election process is administered by Rother District Council. They have an "Electoral Services" department which has responsibility to issue and receive nomination forms, and to organise the election and notify the results.

If you want to know more about the work of a councillor please contact one of your ward councillors. Their contact details can be found on this website. Alternatively you may contact the parish clerk who can also provide copies of the the nomination forms and advice supplied by Rother District Council.