Planning strategies and policies

Building development in Westfield is subject to the planning strategies and policies adopted by Rother District Council, covered in the Local Plan.  Local Plans were developed over time and with full public consultation. The Rother draft plan received approval following a government inspection and was formally adopted in July 2006 for a five year period.

A Local Development Framework will replace the Local Plan and is currently being put together. This comprehensive document has incorporated the previous policies from the Local Plan, which can be viewed on the Rother website. As well as the general planning context and strategies there are specific policies relating to Westfield. To view them follow the link below to Rother District Council's Local Development Framework page. On the right hand side follow links to "Local Plan", open the document and go to page 104 and 105 for policies adopted for Westfield.

Local Planning Applications

Applications submitted to the Planning Authority (PA = Rother District Council Planning Department) are always notified to the Parish Council. Westfield Parish Council considers these applications at their monthly meetings and submits comments to the PA reflecting a local viewpoint.  The decision to permit or refuse each application is made by the PA, taking into account any local representations. To view applications in Westfield visit the Rother District Council website