There is a good network of public footpaths around the parish including part of the long distance 1066 Country Walk.

spring footpath small  summer footpath small  winter footpath small

Here are some ways to find maps of public footpaths:

1. Odnance Survey - Explorer Map 124 (Hastings, Bexhill, Battle & Robertsbridge) covers this area.

2. East Sussex County Council website has a Rights of Way map showing all footpaths in the county.    Click here for the link.

3. The website is excellent for finding walks anywhere in the country and uses OS maps. If you use it and type in Westfield, you can see several walks in the village.

4. East Sussex County Council's website has a page on Walks in East Sussex giving some excellent circular walks across the county and details points of interest on the route. Click here for the link.

5. Click here to see a map showing public footpaths in the parish of Westfield. They have been colour-coded to make them stand out and help people to plan routes for walks.

6. One of the first sculptures was installed in 2020 on the 1066 Country Walk.  A set of six impressive carved monoliths is on the path between Pattleton's Farm and Doleham Ditch near Doleham. Click here to see details about the project.