The Parish Council was to have met in the Church Hall, Vicarage Lane at 7pm on Wednesday 13 October but as certain parties have been in close contact with confirmed COVID patients this will now be held with the councillors by Zoom on an informal basis as legislation no longer allows for parish council meetings to be held remotely.

Regrettably members of the public are unable to participate in the Zoom meeting and the agenda which was posted is no longer applicable.

Westfield Community Choir is meeting once again.  Do you love to sing? Are you a secret singer? Westfield Community Choir needs you. No experience is required, just enthusiasm.

The choir meets in Westfield Church from 7-8pm on Mondays, with choir mistress Laura Heales leading singers through all kinds of music - pop, rock, folk, traditional ...  All ages are welcome, and the cost is £3 adult, £2 child.  Come and try it out!


Westfield Parish Community Fibre Project!! Final Weeks to get Vouchers Confirmed!!!!

Following the amazing sign ups from residents within Westfield Parish we are now in the final weeks of the project. Westfield Parish Council continues to work with Openreach and it is vital that all residents who have signed up for the voucher scheme now confirm their vouchers. Many people will have received an email already. Openreach confirmed that vouchers have been resent last week to any resident who hasn’t yet confirmed their vouchers. The email looks like the one below to confirm:

Postcodes which will need to confirm their vouchers if they haven’t already: TN33 0RS, TN33 0SD, TN33 0SE, TN33 0SF, TN35 4BF, TN35 4PE, TN35 4PG, TN35 4QA, TN35 4QB, TN35 4QE, TN35 4QG, TN35 4QH, TN35 4QJ, TN35 4QL, TN35 4QN, TN35 4QP, TN35 4QR, TN35 4QT, TN35 4QU, TN35 4QW, TN35 4QX, TN35 4QY, TN35 4QZ, TN35 4RB, TN35 4RD, TN35 4RE, TN35 4RW, TN35 4SA, TN35 4SB, TN35 4SD, TN35 4SE, TN35 4SG, TN35 4SH, TN35 4SJ, TN35 4SN, TN35 4SQ, TN35 4ST, TN35 4SW and TN35 4SX.

If you haven’t received a voucher and think you should have or if you have any questions please contact the Parish Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As of 31/03/2021 the old gigabit scheme ceased to run. However, the Parish Council has been working with Openreach, the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) and MP Sally-Ann Hart who has been engaging Mr Warman the Minister for Digital Infrastructure. We have had it confirmed that 75% of the postcodes in our scheme. Therefore we are able to keep the vouchers already claimed and still continue to gather additional vouchers to get us to the 100% target.

The Parish Council in partnership with East Sussex County Council and Openreach have set up a ‘Community Fibre Partnership’ to look at installing ultra-fast fibre cables across the Parish to over 1,100 properties. As of the 1st April in just one month residents and businesses have already pledged over £700,000 in gigabit vouchers.

To sign up your property please CLICK HERE.

To help residents get the information they need we have created some new pages. Please click on the below links for details.

Thanks to a grant of £160,000 secured from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development by Rother District Council Cultural Development, the 1066 Country Walk has just been improved with new signage, information panels, benches and sculptures in situ.

A sign has been installed in Westfield on the twitten between Cottage Lane and the A28 opposite the doctors' surgery.

Click this link to read more about it.

1066 footpath 1

1066 footpath 2

1066 footpath 3