Westfield Parish Council

Westfield Parish Council Open Spaces Consultation - closed end of January

The Parish Council manages and or owns a lot of the open spaces within the Parish. This is in partnership with Westfield Football Club for the Parish Field and Westfield Cricket Club who maintain the Cricket Ground. New areas such as Westfield Down will eventually be owned and managed by the Parish Council.
Westfield residents are being asked to partake in an online consultation about these open spaces. It is really important to have Westfield residents feed into the decision making process. Some of the questions do talk specifically about playground equipment. Please do still fill these sections in as it is useful to get people's feedback on all areas.
To fill in the consultation please go to: https://westfieldparishcouncil.com/open-spaces-consultation/ . The consultation has been promoted in the Westfield Community Newsletter. However if anyone does need a paper version please contact the Clerk on 01424 575266. Many thanks,
Update 10 December.  We've already had a great start with responses but we'd like as many as we can. Each member of the households can submit a response and we'd really like children to fill this in as well. This survey will shape how the Parish Council invests and manages the open spaces it owns and manages so it is vital we hear from as many people as possible from the Parish. Paper options are available to any resident unable to go online. Please click here for details