Grass and Hedge Cutting Contract


Westfield Parish Council has recently decided to take their urban cuts contract in-house previously carried out by East Sussex Highways (ESH).  The Council resolved to take this contract in house as these areas were only going to be cut twice a year.  Previously these areas have been cut six times a year.  Taking the contract in-house enables Councillors to have more control on the quality and if required increase or decrease the number of cuts in each area as needed.

Westfield Parish Council are now looking for a potential contractor to carry out the works.  

Deadline for any potential tenders is midnight on the 2nd March.

Proposed contract and schedule of works

Key Documents - please contact the Clerk for a copy of the below documents:

  1. East Sussex County Council maps outlining the areas to be cut for the urban cuts
  2. Japanese Knotweed Map 1 
  3. Japanese Knotweed Map 2 
Please note that in the areas of Japanese Knotweed the team at ESH have advised that 7 metres of verge has to be left uncut around the red area noted within the maps.  The Japanese Knotweed itself will be dealt with by ESH.  
If you would like to tender for this contract please provide the following:
  1. A quote for proposed works with costings broken down into the different sections
  2. A copy of any relevant qualifications/training as outlined in section 5 especially the ESCC requirements in section 5.6.
  3. A proposed schedule of when the works will be carried out - regular fortnightly and monthly items we would just need to know which proposed week each month the work will be carried out please.  Other items we would ask that the week cuts etc. will be carried out.
Any questions or queries please do not hesitate in contacting the Clerk on 01424 575226 (Mon - Fri 09.30 to 17.30 only) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. below details.  
Kindest regards,

Jane Clarke

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)

Westfield Parish Council, PO Box 66, TN19 7FE

Please note that I work on a part time basis.