Thank you once again Westfield -  residents, church, clubs and societies, collectors, shops and businesses. This year you generously raised  £2350 towards the British Legion's support for British Servicemen and families whose lives have been disrupted in the service of our country.

Would you pay more to support policing in Sussex?

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne writes: “This year, we have seen police officers and staff nationally, along with other emergency services, respond with skill and bravery as they play their part in the substantial security effort around the recent terror attacks which have hit the UK.In response, the Government is increasing the money it spends on tackling terrorism, including an amount for policing.

Further investment is also working to tackle the national threat of cyber crime, which is affecting businesses and individuals across the country.With the new frontline for policing increasingly becoming our front rooms and children’s bedrooms – where crimes are being committed down the phone line and behind screens – we have to recognise that the policing we see is not necessarily all the policing we get to keep us safe.

I know that residents support Sussex Police in preparing for threats like terrorism and cyber crime but I’m also aware that issues closer to home, such as anti-social behaviour, are affecting local people.

In previous years, the Chief Constable has asked for my help to raise more funds to invest in specific areas of policing, including public protection, community investigation and armed response. Thanks to the money you’ve already contributed through your council tax,Sussex Police has been able to build its capacity and capabilities in these areas, and others, to deliver a more effective and efficient service to the public. 

Now we need your help to sustain this service.

All public services have to find significant financial savings and Sussex Police is no exception. The force has already saved £70m since 2010 and the Chief Constable’s Local Policing Plan is working towards delivering further savings over the next four years.

I know the changes Sussex Police has made to its policing model are taking some getting used to but it’s vital that the force reshapes its neighbourhood policing teams to meet the challenges of 21st century policing. 

The Chief Constable and I are continuing to work together to drive further reform and substantial progress has already been made through collaboration with local and regional partners and through investment in mobile technology.

I want to help Sussex Police explore and identify all opportunities for investment. That is why I have carried out a review of the amount of money Sussex Police holds in its reserves and released £15m to reduce the impact of reductions in police officer numbers.I’ve done this because I recognise the scale of the impact that these changes are having on the police and the public, and I remain committed to investing in local policing.

I am also seeking further sources of external funding, including contributions from new building developments that lead to increased demand on local services. I – and other Police & Crime Commissioners – continue to negotiate with the Government for more funding for policing, as well as asking for the removal of thecurrent ‘cap’ on the police precept. 

Please take a minute to complete my online survey to tell me whether you would be prepared to pay more, through your council tax, for policing in Sussex. You can find all the information

Rother Rural Trust is a registered charity (number 1067847), set up in 1998 with a mission to help individuals and organisations in need in the rural parishes of Rother, excluding Battle and Rye.  Its specific aims are to relieve poverty, promote education and to do other charitable works.  In the past, the Trust has for example, given grants to people in real need, to replace beds or washing machines, or has given support to promising young athletes and musicians to pay for their equipment or instruments.  To apply write to the Clerk to the Trustees at the address below stating where you live and giving the reasons why you are asking for a grant and saying what amount you need.  Typically the Trust awards sums in the region of £250,  Contact details are:  Clerk to the Rother Rural Trust c/o Town Hall Bexhill on Sea East Sussex TN39 3JX  Telephone: 01580 881309 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Doesn’t the War Memorial look fantastic?

Thank you Toby for your hard work.

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