Bus services are cut from 3 June


The new bus times are Westfield to Hastings: 07.11, 07.43, 09.36, 11.48, 13,48, 15.48, 18.14

Hastings to Westfield: 10.10, 12,20, 14.20, 16,25, 18,25

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Securing the future of cricket in Westfield
Westfield Parish Council has successfully secured the
future of cricket in the village by purchasing the Cricket
Ground, the first major land acquisition since the Parish
Field in 1810. Having leased the ground since 1927 the
Parish Council have bought the freehold from the
Dunkley family, who have supported village cricket over
many years. The Parish Council would like to formally
thank them for their support and for agreeing to sell the
ground to the Parish. The Parish are also especially
grateful to Roger Carrier for all his help, over the last few
years, in making this happen. The Cricket Club, who
have maintained the ground so beautifully over the
years, can now go ahead with their plans for the new
Cricket Pavilion and expand further the opportunities for
youth and adult cricket in Westfield. To find details of
forthcoming fixtures, or coaching sessions visit
Cricket field