It seems that there were at least two windmills in Westfield at some time. One of them was burned down in mysterious and controversial circumstances. Who knows exactly where they were sited? When were they built? When were they destroyed and why?

Westfield White Mill

Stories of the Westfield windmills

There were definitely two windmills at Westfield at different times. One was sited somewhere on The Down. The Sussex Weekly Advertiser of 8th May 1776 reports the story of " a lad standing carelessly with his hand on the cogs of the windmill on Westfield Down, a sudden gust of wind unexpectedly turned the sweeps whereby the lad's hand was torn in a terrible manner.."
There was also a windmill at the crossroads of Cottage lane with Mill Lane, close to the house named Highlands. It is possible that this mill was moved from the Down. The mill belonged to Stephen Crisford and on 14th June, 1830 two men were sentenced to transportation for breaking and entering and stealing 21 bushels of flour. It was this mill, "Westfield White Mill", that was destroyed by fire on the 5th November  1908, after standing derelict since the beginning of the 20th century.

The Down mill may have stood in the vicinity of Archer's shop. Indeed the wood framed shop itself may be all that is left of the buildings associated with the mill.

(from "Lost Windmills of Sussex" - Guy Blythman 2008)