The New Inn

The New Inn - briefly renamed "The Old Courthouse"(“New Inn” is actually a common name of some of the very oldest pubs in England) is one of the oldest buildings in the village. Where was the previous inn? Is it actually still there? Was it, in fact, the ancient-looking weather boarded building behind the present-day Victorian façade?

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(Photo from the collection of the school, digitally enhanced by P.T.)

The Plough

Hunt at the Plough

(Photo from the collection of Valerie Bishop)


Landlords, Publicans and families of the two Westfield Pubs

The New Inn

1890/Samuel Coppard
1899/Roland James Hoad
1901/Rowland Jas Hoad/Publican/30/Warbleton,
1901/Emily Hoad/Wife/30/Whetley Chevening,
1901/Grace Lilian Hoad/Daughter/1/Westfield,
1901/Annie Kemp/General Servant/14/Hailsham,
1905/Roland James Hoad
1915/Montague Godfrey
1918/Montague Godfrey
1930/Walter Twort
1938/Hy A Standivan

The Plough (now closed)

1859/T Stunt
1866/C Coleman
1878/William Vidler
1890/William Goodsell
1899/William Goodsell
1901/Richard Clapton/Publican/54/Oxford
1901/Eleanor Clapton/Wife/43
1901/Ethel Clapton/Daughter/10
1901/Edward Clarke/General Servant/54/Ewhurst,
1905/Frederick Marden
1915/David Keel
1918/George Turner
1930/Hy A B Spoone
1938/Henry E L Coles